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Flood Risk Assessments

Flooding is a key consideration in determining planning applications. We carry out flood risk assessments for all sizes of development. A flood risk assessment is required for development within flood zones 2 and 3, as shown on the Environment Agency’s flood map plus for any site over 1 hectare.

All flood risk assessments are carried out in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 25, Development and Flood Risk.

Foul and Surface Water Drainage Assessments

Foul Drainage

Foul drainage disposal is a material consideration under planning. There is a hierarchy of foul water disposal with connection to the public sewerage system preferable. If this is not feasible packaged sewerage treatment works or septic tanks may be appropriate with disposal of effluent to watercourses or to the ground via infiltration. If this is not possible a cesspool is a last resort solution.

We assess foul water disposal in accordance with this hierarchy:

  • Obtaining sewer records, carrying out capacity checks and costing upgrade works.
  • Assessing the suitability of sites for septic tanks or packaged treatment works.

Surface Water Drainage

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires new developments and redevelopments to have drainage plans for surface water runoff approved by the SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) Approval Body. Defra has developed national standards to be used to manage surface water runoff in accordance with the Act. These require drainage systems to ensure:

  • Surface water is managed at source.
  • Design accounts for the likely impacts of climate change and changes in impermeable area.

We design surface water drainage systems in accordance with these criteria designing infiltration and attenuation structures to limit runoff from sites.

Code for Sustainable Homes

Increasingly, councils require new homes to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes. A mandatory element of this is to attenuate surface water runoff and to assess flood risk. New development has to be assessed by a qualified hydrologist. We can produce a hydrologists report to satisfy the requirements of the Code and can advise on the most appropriate method of surface water drainage for your development.

Drainage design

We carry out foul and surface water drainage design for small to medium-sized developments including:

  • Foul and surface water connections to the public sewer.
  • Foul and surface water public sewer diversions.
  • Foul drainage design in non-sewered areas including environmental permit applications.
  • Discharging planning conditions.
  • Building control submissions.
  • Obtaining approvals from statutory authorities.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System design.

Drainage design is carried out using industry standard software published by Micro Drainage.

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